Delta + Revera

— Delta, and How It Impacts Revera

So, as I’m sure many of y’all have seen, Riley Testut has officially announced his new project, Delta:

Delta Announcement Tweet

As I’m also sure y’all have seen, the emulator is teased as a multi-emulator that will support the Nintendo 64:

Delta Website

As y’all also know, I’ve been developing my own Nintendo 64 emulator, Revera, for a while now.

Revera Mockup (design mockup)

I started this project because there was a lack of a well designed Nintendo 64 emulator (and because I really wanted to play SuperSmashBros on my iPhone). With Delta, part of that need will be met. Riley Testut always does an amazing job with the design of his apps. But, Delta isn’t a dedicated N64 emulator, which means the design likely won’t be specific to fitting N64, but to finding a happy medium that suits the needs of all its systems. That’s where Revera comes in. Revera has been designed specifically for the Nintendo 64, which means it can perfectly suit all of the system’s needs.

But don’t think of Revera as a competitor to Delta - that’s not my goal at all. In fact, I’ll do my best to make it compatible with Delta wherever possible. Both apps will be amazing, they’ll just have some different features. So where Revera may be lacking, Delta will probably pick up the slack, and vice versa.

— Revera Updates

And with that, I’ve got some updates on the progress of Revera:

I finally managed to get downloads from the web browser working! So now, you’ll be able to use it for finding and downloading ROMs and Controller Skins:

Revera Downloads

I also implemented ROM File Management, so renaming and deleting games now works:

Revera File Management

So, what’s next? Here’s some of the next couple items on the TODO List:


— YouTube Channel

Lots of things will be coming to the YouTube channel in the near future. Throughout January, I will be filming and posting some programming tutorials (some of which will be related to the Udemy Course I’m writing), as well as some music myself and some friends will be writing, recording, and producing throughout the month.

After January, a (currently unnamed) podcast that I’m a part of will start up, excerpts of which will likely find their way to the channel.

— Website

I’ve updated the URL structure for my sites, and done some minor changes to their design. The site URLs are now as follows:

And that concludes this update. Exciting things on on the horizon, so stay tuned!
Here’s to 2017,

~Tom Metzger