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Hashing Nuclear Reactors

At the beginning of April, I got the opportunity to attend the 2018 CERIAS Symposium, a cybersecurity conference hosted at Purdue University. It was an absolutely fantastic time! Being an event for ‘academics’, naturally there were some pretty dry parts. However, there were a good deal incredibly brilliant talks and presentations. One of which has actually been on my mind, and that I’ve been discussing at great lengths with a friend who works in the field this talk covered. The talk in question, is titled “Online Adversarial Learning of Nuclear...


WWDC17 Recap

Tim Cook kicking off WWDC 2017 In case you missed it, Apple hosted it’s 2017 installment of the World Wide Developer Conference today at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center. Normally Apple begins these conferences by bragging incessantly about itself, and throwing in some of their political opinions on various topics. However, this time they decided to skip all that and simply said “Apple is doing great”. From there, they moved on to say that there will be 6 items they wanted to cover. This may not seem like a...


Downloading Files With UIWebView

Introduction At some point in your iOS development career, you’ll likely need to allow users to download files from a UIWebView. Unfortunately, this is one of the hardest concepts to find a good tutorial for, even though it’s actually fairly easy to do. To benefit developers of all experience levels, this tutorial will start at the beginning by setting up a new project, and then walk you through building a simple download manager (elements of which you’ll be able to easily copy / paste into your own project later on)....


Post-Christmas Update

Delta + Revera — Delta, and How It Impacts Revera So, as I’m sure many of y’all have seen, Riley Testut has officially announced his new project, Delta: As I’m also sure y’all have seen, the emulator is teased as a multi-emulator that will support the Nintendo 64: As y’all also know, I’ve been developing my own Nintendo 64 emulator, Revera, for a while now. (design mockup) I started this project because there was a lack of a well designed Nintendo 64 emulator (and because I really wanted to play SuperSmashBros on...



Its been a while since I’ve made a blog post, or a public update of any kind other than replying to Tweets on the Revera and my personal Twitter accounts. Mostly because after shutting down the TheButcherApps site, I haven’t had a platform to post more than 140 characters on (well, technically I did on the previous version of this site, but before I could perfect the blog system, I decided on this rewrite). So, with this inaugural blog post, I’ll be giving all the updates I wanted to give...